Need to keep track of the exact time you spend on tasks at work or on personal projects? Sessions is your answer!

Sessions provides an innovative way of looking at your utilization across tasks, allowing you to log every individual piece of work that you perform towards completing a particular objective.

Create a task and start a session assigned to that task. Perform your work, and then close your session with optional notes about the work performed. Need to perform more work on that task? Simply initiate another session. Sessions calculates the time spent within each session, the total time spent on the task, and provides several reporting views for examining your efforts.

Sessions can also report on your utilization for any given day. Simply provide your work hours, and use the By Day reporting feature.

All of the report views provided can be emailed (in HTML format with optional charts) to anyone of your choosing – send project updates directly to your boss, or email reports that can be printed and attached to job-sheets.