littleBoxes is a compact database which enables you to store any information you like within a single app.

For personal use, littleBoxes can keep track of almost anything that you can think of. Store “Christmas Gift Ideas”, “Home Asset Serial Numbers”, “Car Service Details”, or thousands of other topics.

For corporate users, littleBoxes can be used to clone sections of backend databases or spreadsheets. Gather information on the move and then import that data into your backend systems for storage and manipulation.

Some key features of littleBoxes are:

  • Multiple field types – numeric, text, date, time, date/time.
  • Create your own field types which store lookup values for quick data entry via the Lists feature.
  • Generate queries on your data and export the results via email in HTML or CSV attachment formant.
  • Import data by pasting text (e.g. from an email) or importing from a URL on your web server.

littleBoxes – Store Everything!