On this page you’ll find a few bits and pieces that I’ve written over the years and have now decided to make available for free. Most of them have some sort of PDF manual included, so I won’t be going into too much depth here with the descriptions.

All these applications are provided as-is. I can’t actively support them, and I won’t be adding further features, but if you have simple questions I’ll be happy to answer them.

They’ll run on pretty much any version of Windows.


Gala2 is an image batch-processing application. I still use it to this day for certain tasks, so I think there’s some value in it. It batch resizes, batch renames, creates filename series’, and some other stuff.

Download Gala2


POM (Peace Of Mind) is a website monitoring tool. It can check that a website is up (using HTML source comparison and limited transactions) and send alerts if the site is down. It’s got some pretty neat features, so if you’re even slightly interested in monitoring a website you should check it out. Interface-wise it’s looking a little dated now, but… we all look a little dated eventually šŸ™‚

Download POM