Kickstarter No Like Steve

  • 25th Sep 2014

Unfortunately, the Kickstarter campaign for The Deep Paths has ended in heartbreak. I’m resisting the urge to embark on an alcohol fuelled bender and instead channelling my energy into something new.

I’ve decided to stick with a few smaller projects for a while (i.e. Requiem Z sized) in the hope that I might raise a few dollars to complete some of the more money-hungry tasks for The Deep Paths on my own.

I’m working on something new already which is actually taking quite a few queues from Requiem Z and combining those ideas with some traditional RPG/Dungeon Crawler tropes. Not sure if I’ve ever mentioned this, but Requiem Z is by far the thing that I’m most proud of thus-far in my game development journey. There’s just something about that game that I really enjoy, and there was a clarity in the development process which just made the whole process of creating it such a breeze.

Might post up some screenshots and stuff fairly soon for this new thing. Right now, it’s really not even a full idea, but I think it will get there. At the moment I’m just tinkering on it, with that same easy-breezy feeling I had doing Requiem Z.

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