The Deep Paths on Kickstarter

  • 26th Aug 2014

So I’ve taken the plunge and created a Kickstarter project for The Deep Paths. The decision to do this has come about as a result of several things…

Firstly, I’ve once again found myself hitting a wall in development due to lack of funds. I ran into similar problems with Coldfire Keep and had to make a few compromises that have always knawed away at my soul. I took a step back and realised that the budget for The Deep Paths doesn’t need to be terribly extreme as long as I plan the use of that budget very carefully. So, I’m asking for $12,500. A somewhat odd figure, but one that basically reflects exactly what I need to create the game I really want to create.

Secondly, I want people to get involved in this thing. I want to hear from gamers – positive and negative – to let me know that they’re passionate about this game and that I’m on the right track making it for them. I’m really excited about The Deep Paths, and I guess I want to share that excitement and get other people excited about it too.

One of the beautiful things about Kickstarter is that it converts “My Project” or “Our Project” to “Everyone’s Project”. It encourages discussion, and people are much more likely to voice their genuine thoughts about something when they’re investing some of their own money into it.

Other than that, the model just makes sense. Backers are essentially pre-ordering their copy of the game, and their pre-order funds ensure that the game they’re ordering ends up being a product that’s polished and well-produced. Everyone wins.

So, I’m hopeful, but not getting my hopes up (if that makes sense) that the Kickstarter campaign will be a success.

You can jump over to the Kickstarter page for The Deep Paths by clicking the image below:



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