The Deep Paths – New Project

  • 14th Mar 2014

Well, I’m officially working on a new dungeon crawler and I’m pretty damned excited about it.

I’m spending a lot of time on automation tools for this one, with some pretty fancy stuff already up and running for building dungeons using Excel (or Pages) and then transferring that data directly into Unity via CSV files. Unity then builds the dungeons for me out of modular pieces that I’ve already prefabbed – even placing all the torches on the walls, doors in their frames, etc. It’s not ground-breaking, but it’s pretty cool.

The benefits of the automation are that I can keep hand-building really big, complex dungeon levels instead of going procedural, and at the same time, cut out almost 100% of the human error stuff (like missing walls) that had me going over and over the Coldfire Keep levels endlessly. Not to mention that a large level might now take me 30 minutes to build vs. the 8 hours or so that it was taking on Coldfire Keep or even Descend RPG.

I’m also aiming for a much larger scope on this game, with MANY dungeon areas to explore (even if some are only 2 or 3 levels) all connected via a World Map. There will be a lot more RPG to this RPG too… much less of a “stripped-down for mobile” mindset, with more focus on PC stats and skills. Overall, a much more pen-and-paper-like experience.

So, a little about the game:

The Deep Paths is a first-person dungeon crawler with heavily old-school influences.

This multi-dungeon adventure takes place in a post-war fantasy world, where the forces of evil have all but annihilated humanity, and small groups of heroes bravely fight to reclaim their home and secure a future for their people.

Some key features of the game include:

  • A world map filled with locations to discover and explore.
  • A home town which will act as the party’s base of operations.
  • Classic, grid-based movement and turn-based combat.
  • A deep and rewarding storyline.
  • More dungeons, monsters, treasures, and secrets than you can shake a sword at!


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