Coldfire Keep – v1.3

  • 10th Mar 2014

Coldfire Keep v1.3 is out now on the App Store. This version brings quite a few changes with it to address some problems with the teleportation systems that are available to players.

The Conduits have been retooled to only allow use of the Conduit Rod whilst the player is standing within a level with an active conduit. This ensures that the player is always able to return to the level that they are leaving.

As a related change, the Caster spell “Retreat” has been removed from the game entirely and replaced with a new spell.

v1.3 also introduces slow mana regeneration for both spell-caster classes. This was a common request, as many players found that spell casters were not useful enough due to their constant need to sleep to regain mana. The automatic regeneration worked well in testing, so I’ve added it in permanently.

Unless something new appears in terms of bugs or needed feature requests, v1.3 will be the initial version on additional platforms, launching soon.

I’m looking forward to getting Coldfire Keep out to more players!

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