Coldfire Keep – A Quick Update

  • 21st Feb 2014

So, Coldfire Keep is doing extremely well at the moment. We’ve managed to get features on both the iPhone and iPad App Stores, and we’re charging up the charts. All very nice and exciting 🙂

I’ve had some reports of a couple of problems, the biggest of which is an issue which is making it difficult for players on some devices to double-tap items and pick them up. I’ve already submitted v1.1 of the game to Apple, containing a fix for this issue, so if you’re experiencing it – please be patient until the update is approved.

In the meantime, on that issue, you may find that tapping directly in the “sparkly” area of the item will alleviate the problem to some degree.

There’s a few other things that I’m planning on tweaking and generally “playing around with” this weekend for possible inclusion into a v1.2 update. This includes a fairly popular request for damage bars over enemies during combat. If they look okay, and add to the experience, I’ll definitely put them in.

Thanks to everyone who’s purchased the game so far! I really hope you’re enjoying it!

I’m looking forward to building the next one, and the next… bigger and better, every time.

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