Coldfire Keep – Out Now!

  • 20th Feb 2014

Well it’s official – Coldfire Keep should now be available on the iOS App Store, worldwide.

Hopefully lots of folks will go ahead and hit that “Buy” button, and I can feed those funds back into the next big project.

We’ll be collecting feedback from players and making some tweaks to the game if/when needed to make sure that Coldfire Keep is an enjoyable experience for as many people as possible.

Once things settle down a bit, and we’ve maybe issued a couple of updates, we’ll also be looking to bring the game to any additional platforms that we can manage. As mentioned previously, I’d really like to see Windows and MacOS versions with keyboard controls. In fact, I’ve already built that desktop version of the game and done a complete playthrough and it has a great feel to it.

I hope people really enjoy the game and at least get a hint of that old, nostalgic feeling.

There’s more to come, and the projects are only going to get bigger and better.


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