General Update

  • 23rd Sep 2013

Just a quick update on the state of various things.

I’ve just performed the v1.0 build of Requiem Z and submitted it to the App Store for review. I’ve got the little orange “Waiting For Review” light and all is well in the Universe.

I’m now moving back on to Coldfire Keep. I’ve created a backup with the tag “Pre Overhaul” and I’m planning on implementing some pretty major changes based on lessons learnt developing Requiem Z. That’s one of the neat things about programming; with every project you learn some new tricks that make some of your old tricks look much less tricky.

Still on Coldfire Keep, Josh and I are also waiting on the artists to complete the new creature models. Once they come through and I start bringing them into the project, I’ll probably decide to rebalance the whole game, because that’s just the sort of thing I would do.

And after all of that is sorted to perfection, it’s on to “The Next Thing”. At this stage all I know is that it’s probably going to involve a controller, because I’m sick to death of working with touch controls 🙂

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