Sidetracked By Corona/Lua

  • 19th Jul 2013

I found myself on a small detour this week, exploring Corona SDK and Lua. I’ve always been interested in Lua as it strikes me as a “fun” programming language. I think only programmers will understand what I mean by a “fun programming language” vs. a well-intentioned, but not-so-amusing language.

Anyway, I whipped up a quick app called “MemoMate” and I’ve JUST (like, right NOW) submitted it to the App Store. The app itself isn’t terribly interesting; just another implementation of the “While You Were Out” template idea, which I’ve already explored with my previous app, imaginatively titled “While You Were Out”. The difference is, I managed to learn a new programming language, a new framework, AND make the app, all in a few weeknights. Compare that to what I would kindly call the “Slow Way” of using Xcode and Objective-C, and I’m pretty happy with the decision to take a week out for this.

Mind you, I think the only people who would ever suggest that the Corona/Lua method of app development is BETTER than the Xcode/Objective-C method have either (1) never used Xcode/Objective-C to build an app, or (2) … well, that’s about it really – see (1). BUT, it’s certainly a nice alternative if super-speedy app development is what you’re after for some basic work. Plus there’s that whole multiple build platforms blah-blah thing.

So, in conclusion, Corona is good – though a little rough around the edges, Lua is great – though odd, and MemoMate will probably make A MILLION DOLLARS!!!

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