Coldfire Keep – State Of Play

  • 10th Jan 2013

So holidays are over and, unfortunately, I was way too optimistic about the amount of progress I could make in two weeks. Still, I’m not entirely disappointed as I did manage to get some VERY major stuff done, including a great deal of code soul-searching and rewriting.

I’m now working almost exclusively on the environment; building each of the game’s locations and working out puzzles, and treasures, and secrets. I’m feeling confident that the end is definitely in sight now, and that the product I’m building is going to be a lot more solid and stable thanks to the work I’ve put in over the break.

I’ve made some fairly considerable changes to the game lately too, not least of which is in the area of its story and general mood. I have a tendancy to write on the humourous side and then dial it back for fear of people not taking what I’ve done seriously. I decided to just drop those concerns and go with what my gut was telling me to do. The result is a much simpler, more “pure” RPG story with a lot more heart and (hopefully) a few more laughs. The result feels “lighter” somehow and definitely more entertaining.

So that’s it. Back to work.

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