Coldfire Keep – What’s Going On?!

  • 17th Dec 2012

I just thought I’d drop a quick status update to let folks know where things are at.

I’ve been spending the last <however long it’s been> working out all the kinks in the Coldfire Keep code and implementing all of the game’s systems. As of today, I’m finally at a point where I can say that the coding is complete… of course, I say that knowing full well that I’ll be making countless tweaks going forward, BUT, for what it’s worth – the foundations are all laid.

As of today, it’s possible to play through the first four locations (levels) in the game. My job now is to start putting together the rest of the locations, essentially taking what I have pencil-drawn on graph paper, and building it all using my little dungeon parts in the wonderful modo501.

I do this stuff (i.e. game development, the) part-time – having a fulltime “day job” too. The good news is that, as of the end of this week, I’ll be spending two weeks fulltime on Coldfire Keep, during which I hope to get the modeling of all of the remaining locations completed.

The primary artist on the game (David Hattori) is in the process of modeling and animating the final few enemy/NPC models.

Aside from that, I just need to spend a couple of days replacing all of the current temporary audio with the final sfx. And then it’s into testing!

Anyway… that’s the news. If you’re one of the eight people desperately waiting for Coldfire Keep to be released, you don’t have much longer to hold that breath 🙂

(…and yes, I know I’m long overdue for a gameplay video – I’m getting around to it, I promise!)

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